Filled pancakes fishes and tangerine

For 6 people

15mn preparation

Cooking 1mn 30 by crepe

Rest period of the paste: 2 hours minimum

For the pancake batter:

200 G of flour, 4 eggs, milk 30cl, 1 salt pinch, 1 oil drop, 1 water drop of flower of orange tree.

For the trimming:

A bowl of chantilly, 3 fishings, 6 tangerines, 1 liquor glass of tangerine, butter to cook crepes.

To prepare the pancake batter, if possible the day before.

To cold mix the flour, milk, eggs, salt, the oil and the flower of orange tree.

Let rest. If the paste thickened too much, slacken it with a little milk.

Make crepes average thickness in a largely buttered frying pan.

Line crepes with whipped cream, sections of fishings and sections of peeled tangerines with vintage, i.e. by also removing the white skin of the fruit.

Fold up each crepe on itself.

Sprinkle liquor of tangerine heated in a cassolette and flame.

Eggs with the wine

For 6 people

15mn preparation

Cooking 25mn

6 eggs, bacon 150g, butter 50g, 1 spoonful with soup of flour, 1 furnished bouquet, 1 onion, 1 échalotte, 1 clove of garlic, 1 red wine bottle of Burgundy, salt and pepper, bread and butter for the settees.


Chop onion, échalotte and garlic. Cut bacon as Julienne coarsely and make return it in butter with the mince of oignon/échalotte/ail.

Add the flour. Let bleach. Sprinkle with the red wine, add the furnished bouquet, salt and pepper.

Cover and to leave mijoter to soft fire during 20 mn.

During this time, prepare the settees while making gild sections of bread to butter.

When the sauce is ready, filter it to recover only the juice and the Julienne of plugs.

Poach eggs during 3 mn in this sauce with the wine.

Lay out eggs on the well gilded settees and nappez with the sauce of which you will have rectified the seasoning. Enjoy immediately.



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