To see in the surroundings:

Balleray (by D148 and D26) has a beautiful Romance church of XIIe century, however very restored in XIXème century (the bell-tower is 1865), with a remarkable projecting gate; inside, curious mounting of XVIIIème century, where Holy Hubert, the owner of the hunters, is represented vêtu of one dress to the Frenchwoman.

Ourouër also has a beautiful Romance church (at the end of XI 2nd century - beginning XIIIème century) with octagonal bell-tower, with statues out of wooden of XVème and XVIIème century.

The church of Montigny aux Amognes is also Romance (XIIème century).

Saint Benin d' Azy, place head of canton, old center of exploitation of iron, native land of the célébre economist J Fourastié and the folklorist J Drouillet. Saint Benin has several castles of which that of princes de Croye (1847, in the style XVIIème century), and that of Old Azy, XVIème and XVIIIème century.

In the western south of Saint Benin, romantic ruins of the castle of Stork (turn of XVème century). While passing Firmness, one goes along the imposing walls of the castle of Prye, that a short turning on the left makes it possible to see since the grid of input. This last, which observes a feudal part, is a large traditional building of XVIIème and especially XIX 2nd century whose owners were at the origin of the forging mills of Imphy. D18 offers beautiful courses through wood.