Bienvenue  Saint Jean aux @mognes !


Not-Official site of a small village nivernais with 15 kms of Nevers, 50 Kms of Castle-Chinon, a clic of New York!

Eh yes... you do not dream! It is indeed Saint Jean aux Amognes close to Nevers!

But how can one dare to create a site on such a lost patelin! Even the few Net surfers of the village will not come
to lose on this page HTML And well, it is us, to inhabitants of Saint Jean to prove the opposite.

With the fact... do you know how one calls the inhabitants of Saint Jean ? Not? Eh me either and yet that made well about thirty
years that I live there. Currently, even the richness of Internet is unable to provide such an answer!!!

This is why I had the idea to create this site which will grow rich thanks to each one of its visitors. This site is not MY site but that of all the inhabitants of St Jean and I invite you to take part in his construction!

There does not exist or little of books on St Jean but I am persuaded that each one of its inhabitants suffisament has information to enrich this site and thus to make known St Jean at the fine bottom of Texas. Let us benefit from the power of Internet to make publicity of our village.

I thus count on the Young people and the Old ones to bring a maximum of infos:

History of the village, tales, works, photographs, interviews, anecdotes, receipts of kitchen, gardening, current events, small advertisements, pubs...

Will run to your files, books, scratch pad, apparatuses photographs, cassette radios, video cameras and will question the population on what it thinks of this site and what it knows of St Jean.

Perhaps, a day, these modest pages will be joined together on the site...