Origins of the village:

Tiles with edge and found medals with Sury attest that the occupation of the site goes up at the time Gallo-Roman. The parish of Péraville Saint is in the beginning a priory founded into 1062 and given to the abbey of Cluny. The parish of Lichy is given into 1088 to the priory of Etienne Saint of Nevers. It is probably at that time that a first church is constuite.

In 1466, the parish is mentioned under the name of Saint Pierre de Lichy.

In 1725, the parish of Péraville saint is removed and attached to that of Jean Saint in Amognes. It counts 644 inhabitants.

In 1820, the cereal mixed-farming and the bovine breeding constitute the essence of its economic activity.

Its history:

The fôret of Amognes was the seat of bloody confrontations during the second world war between the men of the maquis and the enemy forces.

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