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St Jean aux Amognes, small village of Nievre in the Bourgogne area, with 15kms of Nevers in the heart of Amognes. The small country of Amognes corresponds roughly to the cantons of Guérigny and Saint Benin d' Azy. The heights form wooded plates. Downwards, the marly slopes, formerly countries of corn and vine, are today the field of the meadows and of oxen charolais. The softness of the landscapes, with many rivers, great fields, villages with the beautiful often Romance churches, is very characteristic.

Descriptive sheet of Saint Jean aux Amognes:

Canton of Saint Benin d' Azy - District of Nevers.

Surface: 1800 hectares - Population (INSEE 1999) 479 inhabitants.

Name of the inhabitants: Johannais.


Céoby, Cougny, Crôt, Pérou, Neufond, Saint Péraville, Séjean, Sury, Prijat and Trélaigues.

The canton of Saint Benin d' Azy includes/understands 16 communes is 5136 inhabitants on the whole:

Anlezy, Beaumont Sardolles, Billy Chevannes, Cizely, Diennes Aubigny, La Fermeté, Fertrève,

Franay Reugny, Limon, Montigny aux Amognes, Saint Benin d' Azy, Saint Firmin,

Saint Jean aux Amognes, Saint Sulpice, Trois Vèvres and Ville Langy.

Name of the river: The brook of the Forging mills.

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Some photographs:

La mairie            L'église St Jean            L'école

                    The town hall                                             the church St Jean                                            the school

The card of the area;

A list of works to be consulted:

The inheritance of the communes of Nievre - Burgundy (Flohic).

Blue Guides - Burgundy (Hatchet).


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